Massage for Athletes LLC
Therapeutic Massage 

Muscle Activation Techniques, Personal Training, Sports Massage

Welcome to Massage for Athletes.  We specialize in muscle---getting them activated so you can run that race and get up the steps with ease and efficiency.  
Now...foot treatment featuring BC Spa products.

Massage for Athletes is devoted to specializing in one thing...your muscles.  Getting you back in action for running, swimming, getting up from the floor, gettng up the steps.


Muscle Activation Techniques (tm) helps uncover muscle imbalance that leads to inhibition.  What we see as a "tightness" may actually be a weakness in the muscle firing.
Instead of stretching, which may lead to more weakness and inhibition, speak with us for a consultation.


Therapeutic massage before and after your event and personal training for muscle prehab/rehab.